About us

Who we are

Sunway City (Pvt) Ltd was established by the Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe Limited (IDCZ) in 1996. The company is owned 99.86% by the Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe Limited (IDCZ) and 0.14% by Pembinaan Objektif (M) SDN BHD of Malaysia. IDCZ is a parastatal under the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. Sunway City’s mandate is to develop eco-friendly world class integrated industrial, commercial, residential, institutional and recreational parks to provide relevant infrastructural development to facilitate industrialization and economic growth of Zimbabwe as well as regional integration and trade.

The Sunway City Integrated Park in Harare measures 1 559 hectares. About 759 hectares has already been developed with stands having been sold with title to private individuals and companies. Sunway City was gazetted as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) by the Government in May 2019 and was granted the SEZ Licence in September 2019. About 800 hectares of land is what is still to be developed and this is the land targeted for the special economic zone. The development of the Park is guided by Local Development Plan 33 (LDP33), approved by the responsible local authority, the City of Harare.

Meet Our Team

Collin Mutingwende

Chief Executive Officer

Takesure Chimenya

Properties & Commercial Services Manager

Bridget Munyoro

Finance & Administration Manager

Simpson Biri

Project Manager (Evaluations &Bankabillity)

Valentine Zvomuya

Projects Manager (Civil Engineering)