Current Investors

Company Nature Of Business
National Oil Infrastructure Company (NOIC)National Fuel Procurement and Distribution
Chemplex Animal & Public HealthProduces animal and public health products
DongienicProduces bleached cotton products
HuaminSteel smelting
Farshab InvestmentsManufacturing of styrofoam for food packaging
Triple Tee FootwearManufacturing of safety footwear
Dawnrise InvestmentsChrome processing
TurntableSchool furniture manufacturing
BudGreen InvestmentsStorage Warehouse and logistics
Vaka ConcreteProduction of concrete based construction products such as cement bricks and pavers
Pretoria Portland Cement (PPC)Cement milling and packaging plant for distribution into the Southern African Region
Davipel TradingManufacturing of corn snacks and milling plant